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To all our loyal customers of 30+ years: it has been a pleasure to serve you all. Thank you for all of the referral and repeat business over the years.


It did not make sense to keep the doors open with a lack of profit. I can't go into the how's and why's of what happened. All I can say is there is very little profit margin in the bike business. There are many, many factors that work against the IBD, or independent bike dealer. From high operational costs, to the internet and competition from other consumer goods like electronics, we have a major disadvantage when trying to keep alive and thrive.


We are in the bike business as a passion to get people into cycling or improve their experience riding, and whether we own a bike shop, or just work in one, it is NOT a get-rich business.


More than ever, please support your local small businesses, and please don't buy a bike online, it's not right.


American Cyclesport in Castle Rock has graciously offered to continue the free annual tune-ups on bikes purchased from Arapahoe Cyclery. You need to be the original owner or family, and the bike needs to have the shop sticker on it, located somewhere on the frame.  They are only 20 minutes south of us near the outlet mall. They are awesome people and have been in the bike industry a long time. Check them out at


See you on the trail...